Stained Glass Window

Have you ever seen the Beauty of a stained glassed window? I, myself, have never made one, but I have seen them made. Each piece is a different shape and color and maybe even a different texture. But the one thing that is common, is they are all “broken”. They don’t all look the same, nor are they shaped the same. They are extremely diverse. This is what makes the stained glass window beautiful. The Creator knows exactly which piece should fit where, by it’s shape and by it’s color and texture. The Creator uses the diversity of those pieces to create “his” own Masterpiece. Each piece has a place, and purpose for where it is positioned, then it is “set” in place, and by doing so the form of that piece that once was broken, has now become one with all the other broken pieces and becomes a beautiful masterpiece. As I was thinking about this, I realized that God was speaking to me through this. Every one of us is broken somehow. We have all been through storms and hard times in our lives. Some worse than others, yet all are broken. We just feel like we are shell of a person, trying to get through this life as smoothly and comfortably as possible. Yet, we are thrown from this situation to the next, and suffer turmoil and damage. This is how we become broken. We feel like we don’t know where we fit in, in this life, and wonder what purpose do we have here? I asked myself many times, What is the purpose of all of this? Until one day I realized that there is a bigger picture to this than ME! There is a Creator who is taking all of his broken pieces, and he is taking that piece and finding a place in his Masterpiece for them all! He takes your shape, form, color and texture and has just the right spot for you in his picture! He takes what we feel is worthless and useless, and incomplete, and creates, in one, a beautiful thing!~ We, alone, and of ourselves will always feel incomplete, but only in Him are we Complete and whole. In order to find your purpose you must ask the Creator, where do I fit in? Also, we must not look at any other of the pieces and say to them you are worthless and will never amount to anything, because those pieces are part of God’s plan too! With them you both will shine! We are all part in his plan, but in him we are whole! Just like the stained glass window. It is a complete masterpiece, after all pieces are joined and placed in the desired spot by the Creator. Don’t try to shine alone~~~ by E. Castor pexels-photo-208216.jpeg


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